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The Power of Plants

Plants and events go hand in hand. We don't think we've ever been to an event that hasn't had flowers or plants.

They add colour, evoke feelings, stimulate creativity and provide long-lasting memories by becoming keepsakes.

One thing that is changing is what we use and how we display it.

Standard bouquets and arrangements on tables at weddings are changing as are displays at corporate events.

When considering your plants and flowers, why not think a little bit outside the flower box and contemplate some of these ideas?

Hanging Arrangements

Simple, yet effective. When people think of floral arrangements, they will nearly always think of flowers with the stalks down, flowerheads pointing up, in a free-standing vase or as a bouquet.

Why not suspend your floral and plant arrangements?

This brings a whole wealth of options as you can hang pots filled with fresh flowers on the back of seats, edges of tables or from a frame in the centre of the table.

The possibilities are endless!

Floral Doorways

The more I think about floral doorways, the more I seem to see them!

They are a great way to create a 'wow factor' entrance. You will need to hire a professional to do this as it is likely to involve a trellis (or two!) and hundreds of individual flowers.

Having a floral doorway is so beautiful, welcomes your guests and creates an immediate impact.

It is so flexible in terms of colour, design and creativity - a sure-fire way to create a stunning impression right from the start!

Not Flowers but Potted Herbs?

This is probably one of my favourite ideas. It is budget-friendly, can involve others and creates a keepsake.

So, why not ask your parents and future parents-in-law to grow herbs for you in the months leading up to your Big Day? Mint, lavender, rosemary...pop them in small pots, tie with ribbon and either give them as favours or use as centrepieces on tables. People can take them away at the end of the event.

Small, useful, lovely smelling. Ideal.

Things To Think About

  • If using floral centrepieces on tables, make sure they don't block the view across the table so people can still comfortably chat and socialise.

  • If using a floral doorway, make sure it's tall enough and wide enough for people (and dresses!) to move through easily.

  • For a bridal bouquet, why not have the florist write out what is in the bouquet for future reference? This means your spouse can replicate your wedding flowers for future anniversaries!


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