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Colour Your Day Happy!

Updated: Mar 7, 2019

So many to choose from!

A big part of your wedding day will be the colour story. We are regularly asked for guidance and, sometimes, even asked to choose the colour scheme for the happy couple. Here are a few suggestions to get you started.


Always a good choice, pastels are soft, subtle or can be used as accents to a bolder colour. Pink is an obvious choice but most colours can be found in pastel shades. Think pink, peach, yellow, green, lilac, blue and even grey. All are light and summery and easy to use. 

Pastels will never stop being romantic.


If pastels feel too feminine for you, why not go bold? Create a statement! We personally like navy and gold, especially for a winter wedding. There are other choices, too. Your favourite colour might be your starting point. Don't be afraid when it comes to choosing your colours. It is your day, your choice and anything goes!

Be bold, go bold.

Eliminate colour

This may sound like an odd suggestion but bear with us. Most weddings will have a colour palette, one main colour with accenting colours which allows for two colours or more. However, you could choose to use just one colour. Getting married in white? You could keep everything simple in white...bridesmaids, flowers, table linens, crockery, maybe even the groom and groomsmen! It may sound odd but, sometimes, less is more.

Plain doesn't have to be boring.

ints and Tips

Most colours work well together just as in nature but do be careful of clashing combinations. Orange and pink were fine in the 70s but may not suit the 21st century as well! Beware of looking like a sherbert dib dab!

Be sure that the colours you choose work well with the skin tones of all members of the bridal party. You don't want anyone looking ill on the day or in the photos!

Consider your flowers in the colour scheme, too. Perhaps, succulents are a better choice in a green colour scheme?

Still struggling? Think pastels for spring and summer, bolder colours in autumn and winter. 


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