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The Times They Are a Changin'

As Bob Dylan once sang ‘The Times They Are a Changin’’, I doubt he was specifically referring to Corona Virus but there is no doubt that Cornavirus has changed the entire world forever.

Lady holding a record, about to play it
If you haven't clicked the Bob Dylan link you should do that now whilst you read

When you think about events in relation to a Global Pandemic they can seem pretty inconsequential, who cares about not having a big Birthday Party when lives are at stake but what you also have to bear in mind is that many people’s professions are related to and rely on events. They are vital to the economy and we must flex, adapt and get events off the ground again.

We also have to think about all those that had events booked that have had to be cancelled, postponed or done via Zoom. Some of these will be big on an emotional scale; Weddings, Funerals, Births and must be handled sensitively. The current situation is hard enough without being told you can’t get married until next year or can’t attend the funeral of a loved one.

With so much disappointment and sadness around it is vital that we boost morale, get some fun and exciting things lined up again and give ourselves something to look forward to. Here are just a few suggestions…..

The BIG One – What to do about your wedding

I really don’t know where to start on this one and I’m supposed to be the pro!

If you still have something booked for later this year (September onwards…I’m imagining if it’s in August you’ve already decided what you’re going to do) but later in the year do you hold on to the date running the risk of having to cancel, re-schedule to next year now so you know exactly where you’re at, move it all ‘out of venue’ and send everyone a Zoom link?

The honest answer here is it’s up to you. I know that’s a rubbish response but it is something you, as a couple, must decide together.

I think your following options are:

· Keep this year’s date, pray that it all goes away but be prepared to reduce your guest list, have some people standing outside your venue and maybe not have a meal, speeches and crazy wedding dancing

· Postpone until next year so everyone can be in the venue, you can all eat together, cringe at the speeches and all dance together ending with one massive group hugging circle singing New York New York

· Keep your date for 2020 but Zoom it up so everybody has the same experience. I have seen some fantastic videos of couples in their flat, the registrar on an ipad screen and their friends and family all watching before moving around their aptly ‘zoned’ flat for food in the dining room, first dance in the lounge and drinks in the back garden carrying their ipad with them all the time

If it were me as a bride, I would push it back now to around the same date next year as I would prefer to be organised, planned and not be worrying if I will have to change things last minute.

With my Wedding Planner hat on though I’d say leave it as is but contact me to see what changes I can assist with to keep it safe for everyone!

Rustic wooden Wedding sign
You can still get married, it'll just be different, that's all

The Baby Box

I mentioned this idea on my IG feed last week and it is proving really quite popular.

The concept is that you and each of your guests will receive a ‘Baby Box’ ahead of your planned Baby Shower Date. We all zoom together, I can act as your compere and guide you through the opening of the boxes.

The boxes will include little surprises for everyone and be tailored to suit budget. So you can have a mini bottle of bubbles, balloons, a tailored Baby quiz, a gender reveal the list of options is endless.

Cute, fun, interactive. All you have to do is pick a date and time, set a budget and choose what you want in your boxes or leave it to me so you all get a nice surprise!

Cute gift box and baby shoes
Surprise it's a Baby Box!

Flavour Explorer

I love this idea so much that I am going to do it myself in August and I genuinely can’t wait.

Created by ‘Lick Me I’m Delicious’ the experience again involves a box and a zoom call but this time your Sensory Guide works for LMID. They will guide you through each taste sensation provided in your box.

It’s so Heston and I am totally imagining flavours that aren’t what you thought they’d be.

Prices start at £30 and a minimum group size is ten people.

Glass jars containing candy and sweets
Who knows what you might end up with!

Have you heard about ‘Box Spa’ – the most exclusive spa currently around?

So hairdressers are back open, thank goodness however spas are not. But fear not my friends for someone has created, yup you guessed it, a Spa in a box. Now don’t get too excited, it is all you, there will be no-one to massage you or scrub the hard skin off your feet but the idea is still pretty nice and relaxing.

This week I have two hours in my diary, as do my friends, we all have the Zoom link AND we all have about 8 pots of creams, gels and lotions. One is in the fridge already chilling. We have been advised to ensure we have a bowl of warm water and a flannel, I shall probably don a dressing gown, light a scented candle and find some ‘Whale Song’ music to play in the background just to really get in the mood.

And then we shall all Zoom in and for two hours pamper ourselves with face masks, scrubs and beautiful smells. Again it is just another event that I am genuinely looking forward to.

LAdy with hair wrapped in towel, holding a tub of face cream
Treat yourself to a home spa

The above suggestions are just a few simple ideas to get events off the ground again, re-connect and give yourself something to look forward to. They will never replace all your friends and family being in the same room, hugging, talking and laughing but for now that is still just a bit too risky for most of us. It is very sad but maybe one of the above ideas will put a smile on your face.

Please call, whatsapp or email me with any questions or booking requests.

WhatsApp: 07834 363 706


Speak to you soon!


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