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Bumps in the Road

Highlighted section of a forest road
It might look amazing but there'll always be one area that will trip you up

This blog isn't about how to deal with every sticky situation that might arise. That would be impossible as there are so many things that could happen (but probably won't). Instead, this blog will highlight a few situations and flag tools and ideas that could help you handle them.

Dry Hires

When I began wedding planning, I was happy to accept any request.

One of the first ones I took on was a "dry hire" venue. I knew what that meant (a room that is just that, a room, nothing else except, maybe, tables and chairs). A lot of work is required in a dry hire and I underestimated just what was involved and how much "manpower" would be needed. Setting up 120 table places in a one hour window whilst people were outside having canapés was very optimistic but there was a bigger issue about to make itself known. Bottle openers.

Tables were set up, guests were invited inside and seated, and everyone, naturally, reached for the wine only to find there were no  bottle openers! The catering staff had managed the food and had staff running the bar but what they were not doing (and had never agreed to do) was furnishing the bar, including the very necessary bottle openers.

The Best Man was a life saver. He ran to the nearest co-op and bought ever bottle opener they had. Although he found only three, definitely fewer than was really needed, it was better than having none!

The moral of the story? Communication. Connect with people early as you never know what you might need throughout the day. Prepare them (and yourself) as you might need their help in any variety of ways. Oh. And don't forget the bottle openers!

Photo of a bottle opener.
Don't forget the bottle openers!


At the same wedding, whilst we were attempting to lay 120 place settings as guests enjoyed canapés and champagne in the garden, it started to rain.

There is nothing you can do about the weather. There is no point in getting upset about it. If it happens, it happens. But what you can do about it is be prepared. Don't hope it won't happen, don't ignore it, be ready. Have a plan and a backup plan.

Ahead of your big day, think about what you will do if it does rain. Could you hire or buy (Argos has some great inexpensive ones) a pagoda? Where will you take photos if the rain does come? A light drizzle might add "mood" to the photos allowing you to continue taking pictures outside but your photographer is the best judge of that. Whilst overcast lighting and fine mist may create some stunning images, you might not want your clothing and hair exposed to it! Ask the experts in advance so you feel prepared.

If your guests are outside, can you provide brollies or is there another space at the venue that could be lightly prepared with a few flowers and poser tables? If they do need to come inside, they can easily.

Beautiful rain drops bouncing on a hard ground
Rain rain go away...maybe

Coping Strategies

Big life events can feel overwhelming. Emotions can run higher. Nerves can fray. Tempers can flare. All you need to do is stay cool. Whether you are the wedding planner or the bride-to-be, try a few of these tips to carry you through the trickier moments:


You may not feel like it but stick the smile on and laugh in the face of the issue.

"Each time you smile, you throw a little feel-good party in your brain. The act of smiling activates neural messaging that benefits your health and happiness." ~ Psychology Today

Honestly, give it a go, try a little smile right now, hold it for 30 seconds, and see how you feel during and afterwards. I bet you feel different, have a bit more can do attitude and people around you will respond to you better.

Be prepared

I learnt this at a young age through the Girl Guides and it has stayed with me since. You're going to be in heels all day, smiling for the cameras and guests, drinking champagne and feeling emotional. So, pack those blister pads, pain killers and tissues. You know you are going to need them or someone else (who isn't prepared) will.

Take 5

If you have the time, take 5 minutes to steal away, close your eyes, breathe and reset yourself. I am a big fan of Buddhify but there are plenty of other apps out there that do a similar thing:

As I said at the start, I can't list every issue that might arise and how to solve it but, hopefully, I've given you some basic ideas how to prepare, manage and control your stress.

A woman relaxing through meditation
Relax. You've got this.


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